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Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: Papers regarding the recent negotiations for an Anglo–Egyptian settlement in March 1930. It includes a memorandum on the negotiations, drafts of the proposed treaty, agreed text of the exchange and agreements.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: Part of the proceedings of the 'Folklore and National Development' Symposium held by the Department of Folklore in Khartoum, 2-5 Feb. 1981. Institute of African and Asian Studies, University of Khartoum.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: A military campaign book written during the Second World War. The Abyssinian Campaigns were fought in East Africa during the Second World War by the Allies, mainly from the British Empire, against Italy and its colony in Italian East Africa, between June 1940 and November 1941.
Collection: riftvalleyinstitute.southsudannationalarchivescollection
Description: This is a report of the first writers workshop for South Sudan, held in Juba in 2014.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: A tourist guide issued to guide visitors and tourists in Sudan. It provides them with brief and helpful information about the country, the rules and regulations governing their entry and travel. It also includes recommended venues and areas for sightseeing.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: The book includes a description of the inherited folk children's games that have been passed among generations, in addition to some modern day games. The most notable of these games are: al-tewah, shilail, al-Saqriya, folk dances, equestrian, horse racing, football and English gymnastics. It also includes football's entry to social life in Sudan, the World Cup of 1921, political issues, sports, the rise of sports institutions 1923-1936, the three cities' football Federation, Khartoum's stadium, the African and Sudanese union in international forums, management, technical control, arbitration, training and criticism, and the football in the city of Atbara with the past, the present and vision of the future.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: This study is part of the Suakin project, which was carried out by the Sudan Research Unit at the University of Khartoum.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: A short book about ancient Sudan civilisation and the indigenous inhabitants of Kerma. Topics covered include the inception and end of the Kerma Kingdom, the continuity of its culture and traditions, and its social protection.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: Children's Folk Games in Sudan: Collection and analysis. Four chapters that revolve around children's folk games. Chapter 1: Children's Games: characteristics. Chapter 2: Description and classification of some popular games. Chapter 3: The Child's point of view towards the world through his toys. Chapter 4: Concerning society and children's games. Also included are an appendices and maps. Published by the Department of Cultural Publishing, the Department of Culture and the Ministry of Culture and Media.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.books
Description: The pentatonic musical scale in Sudan, consisting of five chapters. Chapter 1: Understanding the pentatonic scale around the world. Chapter 2: The scale of our popular and modern melodies. Chapter 3: Discussion of some secondary issues. Chapter 4: The pros and cons of the pentatonic scale. Chapter 5: The pentatonic scale and prospects for the development of Sudanese music.
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