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Collection: rihabbaidastudionyala.rihabbaidastudionyala
Description: Horsemen in Kateela Locality, South Darfur State.
Collection: rihabbaidastudionyala.rihabbaidastudionyala
Description: Livestock, Tulus, South Darfur State.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.wilfredpatrickthesiger
Description: Nuer porters cutting up an elephant shot by Thesiger with their spearheads. Big game hunting formed a significant element of Thesiger's activities in Western Nuerland, and he later acknowledged that it facilitated his acceptance by the Nuer, and provided nutrition for his porters, who called themselves 'Kwechuor's men' after his ox-name.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.wilfredpatrickthesiger
Description: Group portrait of Fur men, standing, several of whom are holding spears, gathered around a dead lion shot by Wilfred Thesiger to spare them from losing further livestock.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.wilfredpatrickthesiger
Description: View of rocky terrain in the Jabal Meidob hills, with a camel walking in the foreground.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.edwardevanevanspritchard
Description: Portrait of a boy in a white shirt with a colobus monkey on his shoulder standing in the doorway of a brick-built building with a thatched roof (school?).
Collection: pittriversmuseum.percycoriat
Description: A Sudanese soldier on camel back, member of the Camel Corps.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.wilfredpatrickthesiger
Description: View of a thoroughbred male Bishara camel (named Faraj Allah) owned by Wilfred Thesiger, one of the finest riding camels in Darfur, with a man standing beside it.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.jeanbuxton
Description: A herd of cattle swimming across the Nile at Terakeka. The crossing was done on one day soon after the rains began by those who kept their herds on river islands during the dry season.
Collection: pawelwolf.pawelwolf
Description: Portrait of a Nubian nomad from the Bayuda with his two camels and his two sons. The camel is still the main means of transport for the nomads in Sudan, if they can afford one. We met the group on a tour through the Bayuda far from any settlement.
Collection: pawelwolf.pawelwolf
Description: Several cattle watering at a waterhole in one of the village yards of Niaro in the Nuba Mountains. It is amazing how beautifully the different shades of brown harmonise with each other and blend naturally with the shades of clay and sand.
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