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Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: Siddig Hamd
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: People standing near bags full of cotton, some of whom are loading these bags onto specialised vehicles.
Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: A number of people from the city of Atbara
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: Construction of Sennar dam
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.mahdia
Description: ʿUthmān Diqna informs the Khalīfa of the situation in his area; ʿUthmān Diqna asks for help with grain; reminding to keep away from assaulting the people. - This text has been edited in Muḥammad Ibrāhīm Abū Salīm, Muḥarrarāt ʿUthmān Diqna, Khartoum, Markaz Abū Salīm li-l-dirāsāt, 2004. See letter 291 03/04/1310
Collection: sudanmemorydigitisation.2019sudanrevolutionstreetart
Description: Street barricades during the peaceful protests in May 2019.
Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: Atbara's municipal officials mediated by chief officer Mohammed Abu Bakar
Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: A photograph of Abd-Allah Khalil addressing the Municipal Council
Collection: houseofheritage.houseofheritage
Description: The Hawliyah (death anniversary) of Sharifah Maryam Al-Mirghaniyah. A poster about the Sharifah Maryam Al-Mirghaniyah (Muhammad 'Uthman ibn Al-Sayyid Ja'far and his role in spreading the teachings of the Order and his support of his grandmother Sharifah Maryam).
Collection: issamahmedabdelhafiez.khartoumandomdurmanbuildings
Description: Wady Saydna School is one of the three most distinguished schools in Omdurman.
Collection: abrihouseofheritage.abrihouseofheritage
Description: Two little children
Collection: universityofkhartoum.sudannaturalhistorymuseum
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: A construction site with three men and a motor
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.manuscripts
Description: A handwritten notebook in which Ali Ahmed Salih recounts the events, developments and coups that took place in Sudan from 1920 to 1924.
Collection: universityofkhartoum.sudannotesandrecords
Description: A note describing the Bayuda volcanic field, a volcanic field in Sudan, within the Bayuda Desert. It covers a surface of about 11 by 48 kilometres (6.8 mi × 29.8 mi) and consists of a number of cinder cones as well as some mars and explosion craters.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.mahdia
Description: Since their moving from Handūb to Tūkar, the fighters have received nothing. They suffer from hunger and disease. Since their moving from Handūb to Tūkar, the fighters have received nothing. They suffer from hunger and disease. Two texts: (1) The Khalīfa instructs the secretary of the treasury to give 7 riyāl to Sulaymān Muḥammad ʿAwaḍ. (2) The secretary of the treasury instructs the head of the department of money to follow the Khalīfa’s instruction. 1306
Collection: issamahmedabdelhafiez.souqalmanasis
Description: Souq al-Manasis, also called Souq al-Murein, is a famous barbecue souq at al-Geneina Bus Station in northwest Nyala, South Darfur. Since these images were taken in 2004, Nyala city has expanded. Souq al-Manasis is no longer located on Nyala’s outskirts and is now located within a built up urban surrounding.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.magazines
Description: This chapter deals with Ibn al-Wazzan's journeys to Sudan in some detail, explaining the knowledge he gained from travelling to many Arab countries and cities in North Africa.
Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: A Sudanese family with Tabs's wife in the city of Atbara. The portrait illustrates Sudanese religious tolerance between Muslims and Christians.
Collection: frederiquecifuentes.colonialarchitecturalheritage
Description: Colonial building in Khartoum. Remnants of the colonial experience in Sudan from the Ottoman, Egyptian and British periods.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.mahdia
Description: On the grain sent to ʿUthmān Diqna from Kasalā and Berber. - This text has been edited in Muḥammad Ibrāhīm Abū Salīm, Muḥarrarāt ʿUthmān Diqna, Khartoum, Markaz Abū Salīm li-l-dirāsāt, 2004. See letter 103 29/01/1305
Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: The late Ahmed Abd Al-Salam Abed
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.newspapers
Description: President Nasser attacks Anglo-American policy. Russian ambassador addresses Cairo, saying his country is prepared to finance Aswan Dam. Khartoum Zoo experiments with women-only visitors day. Sudan announces name of its USA ambassador.
Collection: issamahmedabdelhafiez.khartoumandomdurmanbuildings
Description: Khartoum Eye Hospital, also known as Khartoum Teaching Eye Hospital, located beside the Blue Nile Bridge on Nile Street, Khartoum. The Eye Hospital is part of the Khartoum Teaching Hospital, established in 1958, and was the first time in tropical Africa that an Orthoptic department and a school for Eye Medical Assistants school were established. The hospital is still the main eye hospital in Sudan.
Collection: universityofkhartoum.sudannotesandrecords
Description: The final page of S.Hillelson's article disputing the work of Werne on the dialects of the Shukrya people.
Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: A photograph of a crowd in Atbara celebrating independence day
Collection: rashidphotostudio.rashidphotostudio
Description: A photograph of Suleiman Mujeeb
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