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Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: A market area for selling menswear
Collection: universityofkhartoum.sudannotesandrecords
Description: A study of ornaments and arms among the Acholi and their neighbours. The Acholi is an African ethnic group that is found mainly in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan and in the rest of Africa, whose language is Acholian. Most of the Acholi works as grazing and some of them work in agriculture.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: How Sudanese men wear the turban, a distinguishing feature in their costume and part of their cultural heritage.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: Woman from the Foor tribe in western Sudan
Collection: universityofkhartoum.sudannotesandrecords
Description: A study of the people in the Mongalla Province including traditions and customs, occupation, and medicine.
Collection: nationalrecordsoffice.images
Description: Men in their national costumes of white robes 'Jalabeya' and turbans, walking by commercial shops.
Collection: universityofkhartoum.sudannotesandrecords
Description: A response to a previous article in the journal on Anuak heirlooms.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.jeanbuxton
Description: A three-quarter length portrait of a Mandari man wearing an arabic-style tunic and red, yellow and green beads around the neck. He has a number of radiating decorative scars on the forehead, which both sexes adopted from the Dinka, although without the connotations or ritual of initiation which accompany such markings among that group.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.edwardevanevanspritchard
Description: A man (identified as Ojo) having his hair dressed by another who is crouching behind him. Spears are stuck in the ground beside them and an antelope skin is stretched out behind.
Collection: pittriversmuseum.jeanbuxton
Description: A portrait of a man seated on a deckchair, identified as Kok (also known as Ajayich) who was an Atuot by birth, but who had lived since childhood with maternal kin in Mandari. As a doctor of powers he practicised locally, divining in the case of possession and advising in matters spiritual. He is wearing a thick ivory arm ornament, which at that time was a prestigious object worn by wealthy people.
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